Privacy and Cookie Policy


We don’t collect data of our users other than those that create accounts on our site.    In those cases, we don’t share that data with anyone, it’s used solely for features on the site.


The site sets 1st Party cookies necessary for the function of the CMS software we use to deliver content.

I audit the sight periodically to check what cookies are being set (see below).   While we do use third party plugins for the CMS, I have found no trace of cookies set by them using clean install browser and no history.

Click HERE to delete the viewed_session_policy cookie.   Note link will just delete the cookie, it will not look like anything happened, however, the cookie will be deleted.

bb2_screener_SessionBrowsing SessionCookie set by the Bad Behaviour anti-spam plug-in
viewed_cookie_policyPersistent30 DaysCookie set indicating you've viewed cookie policy.